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FD Rapid MultiStain Kit

The FD Rapid MultiStain Kit, an easy-to-use histological staining system, is specially designed for the morphological study of the central nervous system. The kit provides the 5 most commonly used staining solutions, including Hematoxylin, Eosin Y, Cresyl Violet, Neutral Red, and Methyl. green solution, all of which are ready to use straight from the bottle.

The FD Rapid MultiStain Kit has been extensively tested in tissues from both experimental animals and post mortem human brains. The solutions can be used with frozen and paraffin embedded tissue sections, as well as with cultured cells.

The unique formulas of these stain solutions allow researchers with little or no histological experience to produce the most reliable and specific staining of cellular elements with a low background. Furthermore, the simple procedure for each stain can be easily adopted in all kinds of research laboratories.

Kit contents:

  • Store at room temperature
  • FD Hematoxylin Solution ™ (cf. photographic samples) 250 ml
  • FD Eosin Y Solution ™ (cf. photographic samples) 250 ml
  • FD Cresyl Violet Solution ™ (cf. photographic samples) 250 ml
  • FD Neutral Red Solution ™ 250 ml
  • FD Methyl Green Solution ™ (cf. photographic samples) 250 ml
  • Acetic acid solution 250 ml
  • Resinous mounting medium 6 ml
  • Coverslip clamp 1
  • Disposable Pasteur pipettes 5
  • Rubber bulb 1
  • User Manual 1

Materials required but not included:

Bidistilled or deionized water.

Histological equipment and supplies, including adhesive microscope slides, coverslips, staining bottles, ethanol, xylene, or xylene substitutes, and a light microscope

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